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Cosmic Eye



Our handcrafted limited-edition tarot and oracle deck bags are lovingly made with beautiful, high-quality fabrics and lined with 100% silk interiors.

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Join hosts Jason Napolitano and Chris Sheridan as they explore and discuss important spiritual books and ideas to help you transform your life. They investigate metaphysical and esoteric subjects such as meditation, mythology, tarot, magick as well as Jungian studies, ritual, New Thought, men's psychology, prosperity and more.

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Jason Napolitano, founder of Cosmic Eye, is a writer and spiritual counselor who has been writing poetry since he was very young. Many of the poems in his first published book of poetry, Capricorn Descendant, were written during the so-called Grunge Music era in Seattle during the 1990s. He was heavily influenced by music, his quest for a fitting spiritual path and his favorite authors like Henry Miller, Kerouac and Baudelaire. Some poems have been edited and are most likely vague,  mis-remembered memories. Some are new creations colored by this time in some abstract way.

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