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kindle-if you can worry you can meditate

If you can worry, stress out, obsess, focus on anxious thoughts, etc. you also carry within you the hidden ability to meditate.

In this simple, yet powerful, guide to meditation you will learn how to unlock this hidden power within yourself and create a new state of habitual positivity and peace.


Using the easy methods you will learn in this book you will be able to change old negative habits into new positive and constructive habits through the practice of meditation.

Some of the benefits of meditation include:

* Increased creativity

* Lower blood pressure

* Peace

* Higher self-esteem

* Better memory

* Concentration and focus

* Positivity and happiness

* Success

A great easy to follow guide for those new to meditation, those who have tried to meditate in the past but have found it too difficult, and even those who already meditate but are looking for a fresh perspective.

The Kosmic Mind is a wonderful collection of essays written by H.P. Blavatsky on esoteric and occult psychology and consciousness along with Hindu philosophy on the mind and the after life.


This classic book will walk you through the Middle Pillar technique of kabbalistic meditation that will help in healing the mind, body and spirit. Learn valuable skills to attract the things you want in life and free yourself from worry and stress.

Original Israel Regardie version. Foreword by Jason Napolitano.


Drawing on his work as a chiropractor and psychotherapist Israel Regardie saw the devastating effects that tension and stress had on his patients minds and bodies. He shares his extensive knowledge about the body/mind in this work, and helps the reader to reconnect the body with the mind as he/she learns to relax and harmonize these “two” seeming warring entities.


"Be yourself!" When you relax you are more nearly yourself than at any other time. You will come to realize what you are and what your innate abilities are. By means of the imagination utilized during this state of quiet, you will learn how to make them explicit and how to make them manifest themselves." -Israel Regardie


Jason Napolitano, founder of Cosmic Eye, is a writer and spiritual counselor who has been writing poetry since he was very young. Many of the poems in his first published book of poetry, Capricorn Descendant, were written during the so-called Grunge Music era in Seattle during the 1990s. He was heavily influenced by music, his quest for a fitting spiritual path and his favorite authors like Henry Miller, Kerouac and Baudelaire. Some poems have been edited and are most likely vague,  mis-remembered memories. Some are new creations colored by this time in some abstract way.

Previously a training manual for The Eleusinian Brotherhood, the secrets of Esoteric meditation are now revealed to all sincere students in this book.


Learn how to:

* Concentrate deeply

* Sleep better

* Find Peace in your daily life

* Sharpen the powers of your Mind

* Be more relaxed and confident

* Dive into the Divinity within you


“The one word ‘meditation’ is the door to a thousand temples of experience the last one of which is Union with the Absolute; which is that unequivocal knowing of one's true nature that is Self-realization and therefore the Ultimate Peace. This is the happiness beyond human imagination which must be experienced to be known.”


So begins this powerful book on meditation. Drawing on the wisdom of the Western Mystery traditions as well as the great Middle Eastern and Indian schools, the reader is guided into the ancient traditions of Neo-Platonism, the wisdom of Pythagoras, Dionysus the Areopagite, the Christian Mystics, Zoroaster, The Buddha, and more. This lucid and poetic exploration will help lead the reader to greater conscious awareness of the Divine within. This is a helpful guide for students of magick, kabballah, Rosicrucianism, freemasonry, qabalah, Golden Dawn, OTO, secret societies, neo-pagan and wiccan traditions.

Manly Hall The Tarot.png

In this philosophical essay, Mr. Hall provides a valuable introduction to the Tarot, their history, their symbolical importance, and their evaluation as a sacred book. Includes black and white illustrations of the complete J. Augustus Knapp and Mantegna decks.