Anting-Anting, Filipino Martial Arts, and Magic

NEW EPISODE OF Cosmic Eye Podcast. A talk with Filipino Martial Artist Ross Toro on martial arts and mental training and techniques. Ross shares secrets from his teacher Master Choi and we also discuss our teacher Grandmaster Nene Gaabucaycan of NNG Balintawak International. We look at teaching as a learning process, martial arts lessons for life, Internal and Healing arts, Chinese arts, Filipino stick fighting and sword. We discuss the adaptive and resilient Filipino culture, we look at Bruce Lee and Guro Dan Inosanto and some of their ideas such as adaptation and taking what you need and discarding what you don't. We also look at the mystery of Anting-Anting, developing focus and flow, the relation of tension and power, and much much more! Join us for a great episode. 

For more info. on Grandmaster Nene and Balintawak Eskrima check out

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