Coloring Mandalas Helps to Relieve Anxiety

Using mandalas for coloring and meditation is a powerful tool that promotes focus and concentration. In addition, studies have shown that coloring mandalas helps to reduce anxiety levels and bring about more mindfulness. Acting as a kind of meditation, the coloring of the mandalas helps to slow or stop the runaway thoughts and creates a state of centered peace. It can promote creativity, integration, and psychological wholeness.

The mandala itself is a symbol of wholeness. As you color the mandala, focusing on the image with a relaxed mind, the power of the symbol begins to do its work within the unconscious mind. This book can simply be used for coloring if you choose to only do that. The coloring, as said above is, after all, a sort of meditation. However, if after you have completed the coloring of a mandala you want to use the colored mandala as an object of meditation, so much the better. This coloring book includes 52 mandalas, inspirational quotes and instructions for mandala meditation. Colored pencils work best for these coloring pages but you can also use crayons and fine tipped markers.

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