"Empaths, Intuitives, and Drag Queens, OH MY!" New Podcast!

In episode 182 of the Cosmic Eye we look at Intuition and Psychic Awareness and how they are experienced in the body (somatically). Angel shares some stories of SYNCHRONICITY and INTUITION from his trip to Portland. I reminisce about my friend who WAS SAVED FROM ASSASSINATION BY INTUITION! We look at how you can GROUND YOURSELF and PROTECT YOURSELF from negative energy. We explore what it is like to be a NATURAL EMPATH, and even talk about Portland's DARCELLE, 91-year-old, Guinness World Record "Oldest Working Drag Queen" Join us now! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Shoutout to Angel's new friends! Check them out on IG at @earthjustrocks @golddoorpdx @wildspaceinstitute or www.wildspaceinstitute.org www.mcmenamins.com/bagdad-theater-pub

The Cosmic Eye Spirit Wisdom Podcast is hosted by Jason Napolitano co-owner of www.cosmiceyetarot.org and Angel of @angelonthe8thday. A fun and funny talk show that helps you connect to your Spirit Wisdom within! We talk about our experiences and understandings about Spirit, spirits, ancestors, psychic awareness, empaths, intuition, angels, saints, the Spirit World and more. Join us each Wednesday for a new episode.

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