Feeling anxious? Then Get Out!

If you ever feel scattered or anxious, like different parts of yourself are fighting each other, or you fell disconnected from yourself and others, it may be time to Get Out!

Get out into Nature and find a nice spot to meditate, that is! I often go out to Red Rock park here in Las Vegas for meditation and it helps me to reconnect to the Higher Self.

It is so easy in our techno-obsessed, screen oriented world, to forget that we are creatures of the Earth. We often feel above, or disconnected from our planet, from the plants, trees, rocks, and animals. But when we get out into Nature (a park, beach, mountain area, etc) and we sit and just close our eyes and watch our breath, we can begin to connect to the world around us again. We can feel the solid rock, hear the birds, smell the flowers or plants nearby. This helps us to center and calm ourselves.

Mediation in general is a great antidote to anxiety and depression, but when we meditate out in Nature it helps to really supercharge our mediation sessions. Sitting on a rock, or near a stream, or with your back up against a tree, can help you to really ground yourself, and connect to the solidity of the Earth again.

So get out soon and reconnect with Mother Earth and your true Self, you will be glad you did.

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