Find and Use Your Inner Power by Emmet Fox

In Episode 59 of the Cosmic Eye podcast we explore Emmet Fox's powerful book, Use Your Inner Power. We talk a little bit about Emmet Fox's history, influence and other teachings. We also look briefly at the history and basics of New Thought. In this episode we introduce the first chapter of the book and get some practical wisdom about living a more peaceful and prosperous life.  LISTEN HERE!

This show is an intro to a NEW EMMET FOX SHOW we are now doing which will be a separate Friday episode each week. So please join us every Friday for a new episode of "Emmet Fox Friday" we think you will dig it!  The Friday shows will be shorter, under 30 minutes, and will be a sort of New Thought "spiritual vitamin" that will give you positive and effective tools to help you in your daily life.

We'll give you Fox's tools to help you in areas such as Prosperity, Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Physical and Psychological Healing, and much more. Please join us every Sunday for the regular Cosmic Eye podcast and now each Friday for our Emmet Fox Friday show! CHECK OUT THE COSMIC EYE PODCAST HERE.

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