Go on a 7 Day Mental Diet with Emmet Fox

In Ep. 56 of the Cosmic Eye Podcast we explore Emmet Fox's powerful little book The 7 Day Mental Diet. We look at how being mindful and working on a Mental Diet program to change your thoughts and change your life. Use Fox's simple and life changing ideas to create new and positive habits in your life! Anyone interested in Positive Thought, New Thought, Mind Science, Prosperity Consciousness, The Law of Attraction, The Secret, etc. will love this episode!


Hosted by Jason Napolitano, author of If You Can Worry, You Can Meditate (available on Amazon and at CosmicEye.org) and Co-Hosted by Chris Sheridan author of Spirit in the Sky (available now on ChrisSheridan.com.) The Cosmic Eye show is a weekly metaphysical podcast where each week we talk about important spiritual books and ideas to help listeners positively transform their lives.

We investigate spiritual, esoteric, and occult wisdom on a wide variety of figures such as Manly Hall, C.G. Jung, Israel Regardie, Crowley, Jordan Peterson, Alan Watts, Marie Louise Von Franz, Pythagoras, Paul Foster Case, Vivekananda, Yogananda, and others. As well as subjects such as Meditation, Yoga, Psychology, Mythology, Magick, New Thought, Men's Studies, Poetry, Art, Initiation, Ritual, Shamanism, and Folk traditions.

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