New Spirit Wisdom Podcast - "Lion Power!"

In Ep. 184 we look at Inner and outer LEADERSHIP! Each month until December we will investigate the zodiac sign associated with the month of the show. This week we look at LEO and the ideas of passion, leadership, and more.

We all have these qualities WITHIN us, this show helps us to develop our inner "Leo" qualities. Angel and I talk about developing confidence and natural leadership skills; the difference between EGO and HIGHER SELF direction; Positive Pride vs. Ego Dominated Pride. We look at the question, "Do you have to suffer to learn?"

Angel talks a bit about crystals and the POWER OF TEKTITES. We look at how to connect to your TRUE SELF through art, music, ritual, costume, etc. and how this can help enhance YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES. Also, we discuss PSYCHIC AWARENESS and how much you should share with someone you are reading. We also dive into HOW TO BE A STUDENT OF LIFE and how that helps CLAIRVOYANCE. Finally, listen all the way through to learn the SECRETS OF A STUFFED ARMADILLO IMPORTER/EXPORTER, you will definitely find it funny!


The Cosmic Eye podcast posts two new shows weekly. Wednesday is our "Spirit Wisdom" show hosted by Jason Napolitano, founder and co-owner of Cosmic Eye Tarot and co-hosted by Angel from @angelonthe8thday Sunday we post a new Sunday Tarot Talk.

​The Cosmic Eye Spirit Wisdom Podcast is a fun and funny talk show that helps you connect to your Spirit Wisdom within! We talk about our experiences and understandings about Spirit, spirits, ancestors, psychic awareness, empaths, intuition, angels, saints, the Spirit World and more. Join us each Wednesday for a new episode.

The Sunday Tarot Talk is an exploration of all things Tarot! Currently we are doing a series on the Major Arcana, exploring one card from the 22 Majors each week. Psychological meanings, symbols, and using TAROT FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and more are covered.​

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