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New Spirit Work Podcast Is Up Now!

In Ep. 201 We explore the 2nd Chakra and how it is related to Clairvoyance, Creativity, Love and Relationships & more. Angel leads an exercise on how to AWAKEN & CLEAR 2nd Chakra energy. We also look at some oils, scents & CRYSTALS to help HEAL and CONNECT to this chakra and we explore how YOU CAN HAVE BETTER RELATIONSHIPS when you understand how this powerful 2nd CHAKRA CONSCIOUSNESS is affecting your life. Join us now to find out more!


The Cosmic Eye Spirit Wisdom Podcast is hosted by Jason Napolitano and Angel of @angelonthe8thday. A fun and funny talk show that helps you connect to your Spirit Wisdom within! We talk about our experiences and understandings about Spirit, spirits, ancestors, psychic awareness, empaths, intuition, Angels, Saints, the Spirit World and more. Join us each Wednesday for a new episode.

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