New Sunday Tarot Talk on Magician Tarot Card

Episode 173 is the second show in the new Cosmic Eye Sunday Tarot Talk series. Do you have trouble concentrating and focusing? This show is for you! This week we look at "The Magick of Concentration" and learn some of the secrets of the qabalistic symbolism of The Magician tarot card. We will look into the idea of TRUE WILL, and how that is related to CONCENTRATION so that you can learn to MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. We will also explore the meaning of the number 1, look into BETH, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, dive into the INFINITY symbol and how it relates to THOTH, HERMES, MERCURY and even JESUS. In addition we will explore the tools on the Magician's table the WAND, CUP, SWORD, and PENTACLE and see how they can help you CONCENTRATE and CREATE what you want in your life. This and much more are covered in this show. Each week we will explore one of the 22 Major Arcana, starting with the FOOL and ending with the WORLD card, so check out the previous episode and watch for a new one each Sunday! LISTEN NOW

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