New Sunday Tarot Talk on The Chariot and the Secret of Will-Power

In episode 185 of the Cosmic Eye Sunday Tarot Talk we look at THE CHARIOT CARD and continue our exploration of the Major Arcana. Each week we explore one of the 22 Major Arcana, starting with the FOOL and ending with the WORLD. The Chariot, our subject this week, is connected to the idea of WILL-POWER, but just what is Will-Power!? Where does it come from? Do some people have it and others don't? We will answer these questions and more and also look into the symbolism of the NUMBER 7 and The Hebrew letter CHETH which is assigned to this card. Join us now to find out THE SECRET OF WILL-POWER!


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Hosted by Jason Napolitano, author of If You Can Worry, You Can Meditate (available on Amazon and at and co-founder of Cosmic Eye Tarot. The Cosmic Eye show is metaphysical podcast where we talk about Tarot and and other spiritual and esoteric subjects to help listeners positively transform their lives. The Sunday Tarot Talk is an exploration of all things Tarot! Currently we are doing a series on the Major Arcana, exploring one card from the 22 Majors each week. Psychological meanings, symbols, and using TAROT FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and more are covered.

Also join us for our new SPIRIT WISDOM show! The Cosmic Eye Spirit Wisdom Podcast is hosted by Jason Napolitano and Angel of @angelonthe8thday. A fun and funny talk show that helps you connect to your Spirit Wisdom within! We talk about our experiences and understandings about Spirit, spirits, ancestors, psychic awareness, empaths, intuition, angels, saints, the Spirit World and more. Join us each Wednesday for a new episode.

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