New Sunday Tarot Talk on The High Priestess!

Ep. 175 - This Cosmic Eye Podcast - Sunday Tarot Talk is on the High Priestess and The Power of the Subconscious Mind. One of the major meanings of this card is a representation of the subconscious mind within you. Understanding and working with this card can help UNLOCK HIDDEN POWERS WITHIN. This episode of the Cosmic Eye Podcast is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT if you want to learn how to MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES. We explore the esoteric and occult meanings of the number 2, The Moon, and the Hebrew letter Gimel. We will look at how this powerful and mysterious HIGH PRIESTESS card can help you tap into your SUBCONSCIOUS and can help UNITE your consciousness with SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS. Join us today to learn how to BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, and HAVE WHAT YOU WANT TO HAVE.

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