New Sunday Tarot Talk Podcast on THE EMPRESS

In ep. 177 of the Cosmic Eye Podcast Sunday Tarot Talk we dive into the symbolism of THE EMPRESS Tarot card. This is the fourth episode of our ongoing series which started with THE FOOL and will go through all 22 Major Arcana cards to end at THE WORLD card. THE EMPRESS is an extremely powerful card that is connected to YOUR CREATIVE IMAGINATION. We talk about the symbolic meanings of the NUMBER 3, VENUS, and THE HEBREW LETTER DALETH. We see how all these symbols connect to CREATIVE IMAGINATION and how we can USE CREATIVITY to shape the LIFE WE TRULY WISH TO LIVE. These and many more ideas that will help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH TAROT are explored. Remember, "Your creativity is a doorway between possibility and reality!" CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

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