Reconciliation of the Opposites - New Podcast

Is a Reconciliation of the Opposites possible? In our NEW COSMIC EYE PODCAST we explore this question. In a polarized world of Conservatives and Liberals, Science and Religion, Good and Bad, Life and Death and so on, is it possible to create understanding between the two "sides"?

Drawing from Ken Wilber's The Marriage of Sense and Soul and other sources: we look into the development of Consciousness in Ancient People, Zoroastrianism, Religious History, Modern and Post-Modern ideas, Esoteric ideas found in Plato's work, Jungian psychology, Buddhism, and the Bhagavad Gita, etc. to try and find a new path of integration.

Join us on our journey to discover a way to reconcile our seemingly unreconcilable opposites. This is a powerful and helpful episode that can help you find a new way of dealing with the challenges of life.

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