Rock n' Roll Mystics, Psychedelics and the New Age

In the new COSMIC EYE Podcast we look at Spirituality, the esoteric and music. Chris offers a tribute to Lizzie Grey of the band London (R.I.P). We look at Rock and Roll of the 1960s and occult and mystical influences, Led Zeppelin and Aleister Crowley, The Beatles and Maharishi, Psychedelics and Jimmy Hendrix's mind expanding music.

I talk about the Seattle "Grunge" music scene of the 90s, The Doors, Jim Morrison and Huxley's Doors of Perception as well as EDM and shamanic journeys and the magic of harmonics. Chris shares stories of spirituality and the Sunset Strip Rock scene, how meditation and Silva mind control are good for coming down from speed. He also talks about doing Tarot readings, and reading the Tao of Physics on the steps of The Cathouse. We chat about the Disney Donald Duck Mathmagic movie and it's Esoteric and Occult symbolism, Sacred Geometry, The Golden Mean, Beauty, and Manly Hall's writing on Pythagoras. 

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