The Mysteries of Gnositicism

Episode 18 of the COSMIC EYE PODCAST is PART 2 of the fascinating exploration of the basic ideas of Gnosticism. Chris and I talk about the introduction to Manly P. Hall's amazing book The Wisdom of the Knowing Ones.. The first portion of the book is a concise overview of Gnostic ideas written by a dear friend and colleague of the late Mr. Hall, Dr. Stephan Hoeller, Bishop of the Gnostic Church in Los Angeles. Some of the ideas and subjects we cover in this episode include: 

1st Century Roman World

The basic philosophies of Aristotle and Plato


Gnosticism; reconciler between Christianity and Pagan Worlds

Gnostic Cosmogony

Gnosticism and Esoteric Christianity

Gnosticism's hidden influences in the modern world ABRAXAS  And much more!

Information about Dr. Hoeller's Ecclesia Gnostica can be found here

Hosted by Jason Napolitano, author of If You Can Worry, You Can Meditate (available on Amazon and at and Co-Hosted by Chris Sheridan author of Spirit in the Sky (available now on The Cosmic Eye show is a weekly metaphysical podcast where each week we talk about important spiritual books and ideas to help listeners positively transform their lives. 

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