The NEW, New Normal; Positive Lessons from a Pandemic

In Episode 73 of the Cosmic Eye Podcast we look at positive lessons we can learn from the coronavirus situation. We examine how negativity, fear, panic, and illness do not have to be the "new normal." We also discuss TAKING BACK OUR LIVES and how to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. We look into getting back to basics, family, crafts and creativity; and also living a SUSTAINABLE future. Co-ops. INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES, and grass-roots transformation. We talk about how to GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER, and discover that there isn't a TOILET PAPER TREE on every corner ;) Finally, we examine JOURNALING, SELF-DISCOVERY and finding out what is truly important in our lives, and the importance of ONE DAY AT A TIME right now. Join us for a great new episode.


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