What Is Esoteric Meditation?


What it is.

The one word "meditation" is the door to a thousand temples of experience the last one of which is Union with the Absolute; which is that unequivocal knowing of one's true nature that is Self-realization and therefore the Ultimate Peace. This is the happiness beyond human imagination which must be experienced to be known.

No one who has reached this experience, even momentarily, is ever again blind to reality or able to revert to that superficial view of life which accepts the physically seen, seeable and measurable as all there is to be known.

This ultimate experience is known in the great systems of Oriental Yoga as "samadhi”. In the equally valid experience of the West, it is known as "cosmic consciousness".

It is the exclusive property of no religious system or faith of any kind. It is the birthright of all men from the monk in his cell to the convict in his prison.

Not all who take the Path of Meditation with this ultimate aim will reach it in this phase of their immortal existence, but all will draw nearer to it and all will increase that stability and peace of mind which, though short of ecstasy, is an unassailable luminous contentment, This in turn gives a spiritual poise which is unshakeable by mundane troubles and gives unhurried and calm attention to the handling of problems and the adjustment to events.

A student who understands meditation and its manifold techniques may use it in a calculated progression choose immediately to invite the experience of cosmic consciousness. He may also, if he wishes, use different techniques at different times.

While it is true that deep uninterrupted solitude for long periods gives the student his greatest opportunity, this is seldom possible to students in the Western world, laden as they are with mundane responsibilities.

They must regard meditation, not as an escape from mundane bonds and inhibitions, but as the awakening of that inner consciousness which is not only a source of power to cope with responsibility, but a place in which to live. Those who have thus opened the door to even the first of the inner temples is liable to become indifferent to those material aims which once were loved so dearly or exerted so much pressure that his motive power was the destructive competitive spirit.

Nevertheless, while recognizing the falsity of the values of materiality, the student must yet be faithful to his obligations and use his growing powers to contribute efficiently and with integrity to the mundane requirements of his immediate world.

The perfected man is not an aloof being who enjoys in solitude his discovered bliss. This is not the end, but a great beginning. Those who are in this condition are still in a process of inner growth. There is still a frail shell which holds the ego in Self enjoyment. When this breaks and falls the luminous being goes back to the world ready to give out what is within.

Excerpt from Esoteric Meditation: A Western Mystery Guide to Spiritual Development

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