PLEASE READ: This deck is in the pre-order phase, it is currently being printed. We expect these to be delivered to us from our printer in November and will begin shipping them out. There are a limited number of these decks available. If there is an issue at the port, some of the US ports are currrentlt backed up, and they are delayed we will keep everyone informed.


The LIBER FLORUM Tarot (Liber Florum=Book of Flowers) is a vibrant 78-card rendition of the classic Waite-Smith deck featuring illustrations based on the original artwork of Pamela Colman Smith with the addition of symbolic medicinal & magical flowers.


More information on the flowers featured in this deck will be available here before the decks ship out to everyone.


-350gsm cardstock

-Anti-scratch matte lamination


$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping ships ANY SIZE ORDER. (US only.)